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Triton Yearbook Staff 2014-15

Triton staff group photo 2014-15

(L-R top row) Payton Ricci, Editor-in-Chief, Gabriel Feingold, Senior Editor, Kaili Campbell, Editor, David McCann, Senior Editor, Shanaya Pudumjee, Editor, Caroline Parks, Senior Editor-in-Chief, Katie Percz, Editor, Vincent Todosiev, Senior Editor, Juliana Farrow, Senior Editor, Kevin Hsu, Senior Editor, Tim Farrow, Tech Lead (L-R middle row) Caroline Vidmar, Senior Editor, Aminah Bharadia, Editor, Emma Stritzinger, Senior Editor, Natalie Peters, Junior Editor-in-Chief, Claudia Lambert, Senior Editor-in-Chief, Ben Richland, Editor, Hannah Kim, Senior Editor, Leah Schaefer, Senior Editor, Ellie Yoon, Editor, Graem Krietzman, Editor, Chase Humiston Editor-in-Chief (L-R bottom row) Lizzy Rich, Editor, Grace Remeta, Senior Editor, Sydney Tody, Editor, Mira Chatterjee, Editor, Angela Yang, Editor, Megan Ocampo, Senior Editor, Allison King, Editor, Karen Eom, Editor.

Hot Off the Press

Triton Hot Off the PressCongratulations to PVHS Triton Yearbook 2014! One of the spreads designed by Payton Ricci, photographed by Chad Solomon and Hanna Darroll, and written by Hanna Darroll was featured in the HOT OFF THE PRESS callout listing on Pinterest. The yearbook release was on May 28, and this honor was posted on May 30. It is the first award for this year's book. Our students at PVHS really enjoy attending concerts at venues like Stagecoach and Cochella, so this year we featured their energy and participation at these music events in our Student Life section. It was a way for the Triton staff to highlight the SURGE of our Sea Kings both on and off campus.

Triton Yearbook Staff Celebrates Year-end

Yearbook staff celebrates year-end 2014PVHS Triton Yearbook staff members display their certificates of scholarship and achievement at the annual end-of-the-year banquet held on Sunday, May 18. On Tuesday, May 20 the publishing company notified the Triton staff that this year's book was selected to be used as a teaching tool for the National Yearbook Camp at the University of San Diego. Yearbook Distribution is scheduled for Wednesday, May 28 in the gym. Make sure all obligations at the student store and library are paid in order to obtain clearance to receive your Triton yearbook. Autograph insert pages will be on sale for $3 a packet and Sharpies will be on sale for $2 each. Go Sea Kings!

ASPA Awards Triton Yearbook First Place

ASPA award certificateOn January 8, the American Scholastic Press Association awarded the Palos Verdes High School Triton Yearbook First Place in their annual journalism competition. This award marks the fifth award for the 2012-2013 PVHS Triton Yearbook this year.

Congratulations to the efforts in design, copyediting, and layout from the 2012-2013 EIC team: Rose Hayden, Aisha Joshi, Keshav Lalchandani, Pecko Lin, Arman Madani, Noelle Merrihew, and Annaliese Miller. Salutations to the 2012-2013 Senior Section Editors: Shanelle Bobek, Stephanie Chou, Rosie LaPuma, Roxanne Matta, Julia Milliken, Jeremy Papesh, Ashley Overbeek, Tawny Schrier, Amanda Stefan, Jacquelyn Steybe, Kimmy Rich, and Kylie Williams. Bravo to the 2012-2013 student staff photographers: Stephanie Chou, Kristen Cook, Stefan Djordjevic, Kristine Kivuls, Rosie LaPuma, Ashley Overbeek, Roxanne Matta, Claire McBride, Noelle Merrihew, Jeremy Papesh, Carley Radov, Grace Remeta, William Ricci, Jacquelyn Steybe, Anna Schwartz and Austin Zukerman.

Congratulations to the entire Triton yearbook staff for consistently providing the diligence and dedication needed to achieve this level of photographic and journalistic excellence.

A special thank you to our 2012-2013 and 2011-2012 student photographers for providing the photos used by the Point staff to create the 2013 LookBook for this year's freshman class recruitment. Thank you to Kurt Jupin, Lisa Korn, and Marie Kuhn for your photo contributions. Your time and talent in capturing memorable images along with the hours of time spent using photoshop techniques have captured the spirit of what it means to be a Palos Verdes Sea King.


The Disneyland Line Staff Presents to Triton Yearbook Staff

On Friday, November 22, Triton Yearbook staff members ventured backstage for an inside look at the Disneyland Line - a magazine publication for Disneyland cast members only. A photographer, a writer, the creative director, and the project manager discussed their stories, process, and challenges in creating this publication. Students were able to engage in a question and answer session with these professionals. It was an engaging experience for everyone. Afterwards, the staff enjoyed the park and the holiday decor. Even though it was raining...rain comes with short lines. "Thank you to Marie Kuhn, Kathleen Parks, Maria Farrow, Josie McKinley and Tom Cunningham for helping to chaperone the Triton staff. I am so grateful to be able to expose our students to unique school-to-career opportunities. These encounters demonstrate the application of yearbook skills to the outside world" said Triton adviser, Susan Pavelka.

Triton Yearbook Photographer and Writer Garner Awards in Boston

Triton YearbookAt the recent JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention in Boston for broadcast news, newspaper, and yearbook journalists 5,498 students from across the nation attended. From among that number 2,032 student journalists and photographers participated in the Write-Off and Photo Individual Competition.

Congratulations to Noelle Merrihew (12) who received a superior award in the portrait category, and to Claudia Lambert (11) who also received a superior award in the Yearbook Copy/Caption Clubs category. The Sea Kings received two superiors. Go Sea Kings!

Write-off results are already online here:

(Back row-L-R) David McCann, Vincent Todosiev, Caroline Parks, Juliana Farrow,
Katie Percz, Chase Humiston, and Noelle Merrihew. (Front row-L-R) Ben Richland, Claudia Lambert, Rose Hayden, Shyanne Lee, and Payton Ricci. Student journalists visited Quincy Market after a full day of workshops, write-off competitions, and break outs with the pros.

Emmy Award-Winning ABC7Eyewitness News Anchor Speaks to Student Journalists

Photos by E. Noelle Merrihew

On Tuesday, October 29, Jovana Lara, a general assignment reporter, weekend evening anchor for ABC7 Eyewitness News, and co-host of the half-hour show, Vista L.A., spoke to student journalists from Palos Verdes High School and Peninsula High School. Since joining ABC7 Eyewitness News in 2000, Lara has won two Emmys for her role as co-host on Vista L.A.; she has also won a previous Emmy for a for a story about a small village near Tijuana washed away in the 1997 mudslides of El Nino. Lara spoke about effective interviewing techniques. She also had the student journalists come up to the front of the MPR and engage in real-world interviewing scenarios.

PVHS Triton Yearbook Academics and Electives Senior Editor Sarah Schatz (12) and Senior Editor-in-Chief Rose Hayden (12) were asked to recreate a news story and apply the interviewing techniques Lara had outlined. "Through student participation in mock interviews, she taught us how to ask the best questions to evoke the highest quality quotes. Although it was difficult to think on my feet, Jovana helped us in the process by guiding the questions in the right direction. She generously gave us her time and shared valuable tricks of the trade, which will not only benefit the quality of our yearbook, but will uncover opportunities outside of the classroom. In just 90 minutes, the impact of her advice and stories made me I feel as though I grew as a journalist" said Hayden.

Technical Assistant Will Nodvik (12), Clubs Editor Vincent Todosiev (11), and Staff Photographer Bennett Tuleja (12) were asked to engage in Man-on-the-Street (MOS) interviews about the inclement weather in Los Angeles. "Jovana was an incredible speaker. Her presentation was very applicable to interviewing for yearbook and she was great at really showing us how to do it. It was hilarious when she had Will, Vince, and Bennett stand up and conduct an interview on the rain. And even though it was funny, we got to see all the tips she told us in action" said Junior Editor-in-Chief Claudia Lambert (11).

Some of the Triton yearbook parents joined us and assisted in coordinating a small celebration for the students with fall birthdays at the end of the event. "Ms. Lara shared with us her insight into the exciting world of live broadcasting. She graciously donated her time and knowledge to further the education of our PVHS and Pen students. She taught true, realistic interviewing techniques which our students can use for yearbook, as well as in a future careers which may lay ahead. What an accomplished news person; she makes an extremely difficult job appear to be easy and effortless. Her preparation and professionalism were an inspiration to all" said Triton yearbook parent lead Kathleen Parks.

This school-to-career event was attended by students from the Triton yearbook, La Pantera yearbook, Live from 205, Open Orchard Podcast Productions, and The Point. Yearbook staff members from Peninsula's La Pantera finished up their visit with a tour of the yearbook press room given by two Senior Editors-in-Chief Rose Hayden, and Noelle Merrihew (12). Jovana also granted Live from 205 reporters Maddy Colli (12) and Mele Ryant (12) an interview. "As the yearbook adviser, I am grateful for the opportunity extended to our students to meet and engage with Jovana Lara. She is such a busy professional; today was her day off and she made time for us. What a valuable gift to both of our high schools!" said Triton adviser Susan Pavelka.

Bobby HawthornePhotos by E. Noelle Merrihew

"Bobby Hawthorne gave us great advice on how to develop our interviews into deeper and more personal stories. Having him come to campus and share with us stories he's written over the years gave me new ideas and new perspectives to try and use with our copy of the yearbook," said Shyanne Lee, Editor-in-Chief of the PVHS Triton.

"Bobby Hawthorne helped us take our journalistic knowledge to the next level. It also felt fresh and exciting to share the learning experience with our friends from Peninsula," said Vincent Todosiev, section editor for the PVHS Triton.

"Having the opportunity to show our work to someone with as much experience as Bobby will definitely serve as an advantage for future yearbook stories. The feedback he gave us improved our stories, as well as our abilities as journalists," said Ben Richland, photography/section editor for the PVHS Triton.

The MPR was filled with over 300 students and teachers from both schools on the hill. Following the three-hour seminar, Hawthorne spent more time with the Triton staff reviewing copy from their current feature articles and providing new angles to student reporting. Supplemental information is available on his website:

Ms. Susan Pavelka, PVHS Triton yearbook and Trade Winds literary magazine adviser, was happy to be able to offer this type of school-to-career opportunity to both of our high schools. "Both Palos Verdes High School and Peninsula High School have dedicated journalism programs. It is a benefit and a privilege to bring experts onto the campus to inspire our young writers," said Pavelka.

Jovana Lara at PVHS for Reporting Seminar on October 29th

Jovana LaraOn Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 1 p.m., Jovana Lara, currently a general assignment reporter and the weekend evening anchor for ABC7 Eyewitness News as well as the co-host of the half-hour show, Vista L.A. will be visiting the campus of Palos Verdes High School for a seminar in reporting. During her visit, she will address students from both Palos Verdes High School and Peninsula High School in a question and answer forum on the topic of "Following a Story" and "The Best Techniques for Capturing a Quality Interview."  Student groups attending from PVHS will include the Triton yearbook staff, The Point staff, Open Orchard podcast staff, and Live from 205. "My plan is to explain how we interview on the job, which skills are important, and then really just open it up to questions.  I find this format to be most helpful to students; it is more interesting to them when I allow them to ask questions" said Lara. Ms. Susan Pavelka, Triton yearbook adviser, met Jovana Lara through volunteer work on the Alumni Board of Directors for Loyola Marymount University.  "Jovana is so personable. I am excited that she is making the time to come out to speak to both high schools about effective interviewing and writing. As we move toward a curriculum which embraces school-to-career opportunities, experiences like this one will help our young photojournalists gain insight into the industry."


CSPA logo

On September 12, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) contacted Ms. Susan Pavelka, PVHS Triton Yearbook Adviser, to award the 2013 PVHS Triton Yearbook the status of Gold Medalist.  This year marks the first year the Triton staff has submitted the yearbook for review by this association which is owned by Columbia University and operated as a program affiliated with its Graduate School of Journalism. "Even though we achieved a strong score as a Gold Medalist, there are areas for improvement.  We will evaluate the feedback as we move into the 2014 publication. I am proud of this accomplishment because it is the result of several years of work from a dedicated staff of student photojournalists," said Pavelka. The PVHS Triton Yearbook scored 920 points out of a possible 1000 points this year. Gold Medalist status begins at 800 points. "This yearbook is a significant feat! It captures the spirit and character of PVHS through bright, action-oriented photos and meaningful, quote-driven reporting. It CSPA Gold Medalist Certificatedefinitely helps the reader to see past the sorts of labels or preconceptions that you suggest might be out there in your opening copy. The visual aspects of this book complement the theme extraordinarily and help to make the product memorable. Very informative book, with plenty of breadth and depth in coverage. Theme is clever and definitely lends itself to a highly visually appealing program of coverage. All verbal elements are clear and informative. Copy tells many interesting stories and is always full of descriptive student quotes. This book is beautiful! Layouts are well-structured, with dominant photos that pop, and a very effective use of levels of whitespace. Even though there is a lot of content on every page, it never feels "busy." The photography especially shines, as it needs to with a theme like "image(IS)." There are some areas where verbal can be tightened up, but the reporting remains thorough and inviting. Overall, congratulations on a job very well done!" said judges Mary Kay Downes and Kathleen Zwiebel, Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

Triton Yearbook Program Hosts Journalism Seminar

Bobby HawthorneOn Monday, September 16, Bobby Hawthorne will be giving a seminar on high school journalism in the MPR from 8 AM-11 AM.  The Palos Verdes High School Triton yearbook program is hosting this event along with Jostens Inc. The Triton staff will be joined by the staffs of Live from 205,The Point, and Open Orchard as well as students from some of the AP and Honors English classes.  This workshop/seminar will also be shared with students and faculty from Peninsula High School's newspaper, video, and yearbook programs.
Ms. Susan Pavelka, Triton yearbook adviser, is excited to be able to offer this type of school-to-career opportunity to both of our high schools.  "Both Palos Verdes High School and Peninsula High School have dedicated journalism programs.  It is a benefit and a privilege to bring experts onto the campus to inspire our young writers" said Pavelka.

Two years ago in October, the PV Triton staff attended a seminar with Bobby Hawthorne at Dos Pueblos High School in Santa Barbara.  "The Bobby Hawthorne seminar in Santa Barbara was critical to the improvement of my writing. I was really able to apply what he said. His advice steered my writing in the right direction" said Junior EIC Claudia Lambert. The success of the Triton publication is influenced by attendance and participation at national seminars and special workshops which feature leaders in the industry. "Bobby Hawthorne gave us a fresh perspective on writing. He not only told us how to write, but how to follow a story and how to tell it in the best way - through vivid, yet unbiased description. He was willing to speak to us afterward and to give us specific advice; our book has improved because of it" said Senior EIC Rose Hayden.

The Radical Write by Bobby HawthorneBOBBY HAWTHORNE is a writer and a writing teacher. He is the former director of academics for the Texas University Interscholastic League [UIL] where he directed the nation's largest program for academic extracurricular activities. For 20 years, he directed the Interscholastic League Press Conference [ILPC], Texas' scholastic press association. Hawthorne has earned the JEA Carl Towley Award, CSPA Gold Key, NSPA Pioneer. Hawthorne is a popular speaker at high school journalism conferences throughout the county. He is the author of numerous books and manuals including Longhorn Football: An Illustrated History and The Radical Write.




Triton Alum Gives Back at Photo Workshop

Triton photography staffOn Saturday, Sept. 7, PV Triton Yearbook photography staff met with PVHS and Cal Poly graduate, Kaori Funahashi for an all-day seminar on campus.  Funahashi, a former EIC for the Triton, taught the basics of indoor and outdoor shooting along with basic editing technique in Adobe Photoshop.  With a BFA in Art and Design with a concentration in photography, Funahashi used her expertise to improve the skills of the new generation of Triton photojournalists.

PVHS Triton Yearbook Staff Wins 1st Place
at National Conference for 5th Consecutive Year

On Wednesday, July 31, Palos Verdes High School receives 1st Place for Design in the Jostens National Yearbook Summer Camp. This award was our 5th consecutive win. Participants included: Noelle Merrihew, Shyanne Lee, Caroline Parks, Claudia Lambert, Chad Solomon, David McCann, Ben Richland, Vincent Todosiev, Julianna Farrow, Katie Percz, and Payton Ricci. This year Maria Farrow, Kathleen Parks, and Cindy Percz became new parent leads for the program while Kavita Lalchandani and Jane Bigglen have stayed on as consultants. The Triton staff was proud to be able to work with junior adviser and 2013 PVHS graduate, Aisha Joshi. Palos Verdes also took home the Grand Prize award which was a Nikon camera outfit for staff use. This camp win was the result of a few weeks of intensive layout and design workshops with adviser, Ms. Susan Pavelka. This year the staff was happy to work with Jostens Marketing Lead, Gary Lundgren from Minnesota and Loudon Valley High School's adviser and multiple Crown and Pacemaker award winner, Martha Akers from Virginia. In San Diego, the Triton team worked side-by-side to create award winning templates for the upcoming 2014 school year. The workshop sessions were led by JEA Advisor of the Year, Cindy Chambers Todd from Texas, and by Crown and Pacemaker award winning adviser, Brenda Field from Chicago. "It is such a pleasure to work with such a creative and dedicated group of students. PV really takes the business of yearbook to the next level" Brenda Field said.

Congratulations to the PVHS Triton Yearbook staff
On achieving All-American status from NSPA

On July 24, 2013, Ms. Susan Pavelka, PVHS Triton adviser of seven years, was notified by the National Scholastic Press Association that the Palos Verdes Triton Yearbook 2013 was given the national award and honor of All-American status. This recent award is the highest photojournalism award given by the NSPA.

"As a judge, it is rare to see a staff create an annual that receives multiple (4)
marks of distinction (coverage, design, writing/editing, and photography). I am
honored to have received the Triton's annual - it is a pleasure to read and critique
this yearbook. The editors, the writers, the designers (and the adviser) and even
the newest staff members have worked to show and tell the reader about an
incredible journey. From the very first image and in the first copy, there is
obvious pride in the yearbook production room, and it is carried through to
the final endsheet. What is most appealing is that each DPS (double-page spread)
visually belongs in this yearbook, yet it is diverse enough to stand alone plus
each is also compelling. It is evident that the Palos Verdes student body is
well-represented by the Triton staff," NSPA judge Angela Griffin-Brenton said.

The Palos Verdes High School Triton Yearbook staff received a score of 4,460 points
with four marks of distinction. An All-American Honor Rating is achieved with
3,700 or more points plus four or five marks of distinction. Congratulations to the
2012-2013 Triton staff on your achievement. This is the first time the PVHS Triton
has received an All-American Honor Rating.


PV Triton Achieves First Class Award
with three Marks of Distinction

NSPA logoMonday, July 16, 2012

The Palos Verdes Triton has been recognized by the National Scholastic PressAssociation and the Associated Collegiate Press with a First Class Honor Rating and three Marks of Distinction in the areas of concept, design, and photography in the 2012 yearbook competition.

For the third year in a row, the Palos Verdes Triton yearbook  has been awarded a First Class rating from NSPA/ACP, but the three Marks of Distinction in this year's 40th anniversary edition of the Triton  are the publications highest accolades to date.  

"The unique design makes the reader want to pick up the book and take a look inside. Staff has maintained a 'whole book look' with each section featuring a unique style and coverage. The staff has obviously been trained in the basics of good scholastic journalism and in preparing yearbooks. The overall photography throughout is excellent, and is the shining star of the book! The members of the staff are obviously enthusiastic about making the book special for your students. Solid coverage! Congratulations!," Judge M. Watters said.

Other accolades achieved by the Palos Verdes Triton yearbook have included the ASPA First Place with Special Merit in 2011, the NSPA First Class Rating in 2010 and 2011, the Press International Association Benny Award 2008 and 2009, and a number of awards from Jostens YearTech Online competitions.


Congratulations to the Palos Verdes Triton Yearbook 2012
Jostens' Look Book Spread Gallery Winner 2013
Track and Field and Calendar Spreads


Congratulations to the PVHS Triton and Palos Verdes High School:

Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Medalist - 2013
National Scholastic Press Association All-American Award - 2013
National Scholastic Press Association - First Place with Three Marks of Distinction 2012
NSPA—1st place award recipient—2010, 2011, 2012
ASPA —1st place award recipient—2010, 2011, 2013
American Scholastic Press Association - Outstanding Theme Anniversary Yearbook
American Scholastic Press Association - First Place with Special Merit - 2011, 2012
PIA Benny Awards—Certificate of Merit—2008, 2009
1st Place Advanced Design at USD National Conference—2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
YearTech Online Grand Prize Award— 2010
YearTech Online First Place Award—2010
YearTech Online Individual Awards—2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Jostens 'Hot Off the Press' Pinterest Award Posting for Sports Swimming Spread-2013
Jostens 'Hot Off the Press' Pinterest Award Posting for Student Life Spread-2014