Registration: Foreign Exchange Students

P Registrar: Jeanne DeLorenzo
Counseling Office
Phone: 310-378-8471 Ext. 208
Email: delorenzoj



Requirements for Foreign Exchange Students

We can take a foreign exchange student if:

  1. The student is affiliated with a foreign exchange organization that is approved by the Attorney General’s office. For example AFS. These students are temporary and can attend for one year.
  2. And in order to approve the admission of a foreign exchange student, the superintendent or designee must receive a written request for enrollment prior to the end of the preceding school year from the organization.
  3. The student’s English proficiency must be sufficient for a successful study at the school.
  4. Space must be available and a suitable program exits at the school.
  5. In addition the student shall submit evidence that he/she has been fully immunized in accordance with California law.
  6. A descriptive or numerical evaluation of the student’s academic performance must be given.
  7. They must meet district proficiency tests ELD testing.
  8. Students must be younger than 18 before December 1st. Compulsory education ends at age 18.
  9. The exchange organization has a family that resides in our district that can provide proof of residency.

What we do not provide the foreign exchange student:

  1. Do not provide a diploma especially if the student is an 11th or 12th grade enrolling.
  2. We do not provide visa’s.
  3. No I-20 or visitor visa’s. Districts never take F-1 or J-1 visa’s. If an adult immigrant is here on an F-1 visa or E-2 visa, we can enroll their children if they can provide proof of residency. These are good for one year.

A letter of attendance can be provided.

International Student Exchange Placement Organizations
Registry List: 2008

Updated: March 14, 2008

  • Academic and Cultural Exchange (A.C.E.)
  • AFS-USA, Inc.
  • American Councils for International Education ACTR/ACCELS, Inc.
  • American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)
  • American Secondary Schools for International Students & Teachers (ASSIST, Inc.)
  • Aspect Foundation
  • ASSE International Student Exchange Programs
  • AYUSA International
  • Center for Cultural Interchange
  • Council for Educational Travel USA
  • Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
  • Cultural Homestay International
  • Education Travel & Culture (ETC)
  • Educational Consortium Institute
  • Educational Resource Development Trust
  • EF Foundation for Foreign Study
  • Face the World Foundation
  • Foundation for Intercultural Travel, Inc.
  • Foundation for Worldwide International Student Exchange
  • Global Insights, Inc. dba Global Insights Student Exchange Program, Inc.
  • Inter-Ed, Ltd.
  • International Fellowship, Inc.
  • International Student Exchange
  • Laurasian Institution
  • Learning and Achievement Foundation
  • Nacel Open Door, Inc.
  • New Gen RYE Program Corp.
  • Northwest Student Exchange
  • O.C.E.A.N. dba Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations
  • Pacific Intercultural Exchange
  • PeopleLink
  • Program of Academic Exchange (PAX)
  • Southern California/Nevada Rotary International Youth Exchange
  • Terra Lingua, Inc.
  • USA, United Students Association, Inc.
  • Western States Student Exchange, Inc.
  • World Experience
  • World Heritage International Student Exchange Programs, Inc.
  • World Link, Inc. dba World Exchange Group
  • Youth For Understanding USA, Inc.
  • Youth Life/Amicus